Milan Fashion

From 20 to 21 September in Milan for the fourth time will be held selection show, where more than 40 talented designers from around the world will present their collections not only in the international arena — Milan Fashion Week — partners of the show — as well as for 12 international experts from Italy, Poland, China, Ukraine and Russia. This year, the face of the project was Bolotova Botagoz from Kazakhstan.

In addition to the uniqueness of the selective display format MKMM, this partnership is striking in its scale. More than 800 guests from all over the World annually visit EFU - MKMM within MFW in Milan . In one day of shows we do up to 40 shows of designers. For comparison, World fashion Weeks usually hosts 5-10 shows a day. The project involves more than 70 makeup artists and hairdressers, more than 7 modeling agencies. For example, this year the number of our partners joined in a modeling Agency ZHKAIR, Nataly Models, General models, Gold Tula.